Publications and preprints

All my published papers are freely available on my personal arXiv page. See also the corresponding page on the Italian site for (some of) my unpublished notes written in Italian.

Slides of (selected) talks

Here you can find some of the slides (or posters) that I have used in the past while presenting my results in various places around the world.

Research interests

My current research interests center on the possible application of associative geometry to the theory of integrable (or explicitly solvable) dynamical systems.

Following Victor Ginzburg, I use the term "associative geometry" to refer to the particular brand of noncommutative geometry that deals with generic associative algebras, without requiring additional structures of a topological or differential nature (as happens for instance in the C*-algebraic approach conceived by Alain Connes). Perhaps surprisingly, even in this very basic setup it is possible to introduce some meaningful geometric notions that moreover turn out to be useful for expressing in a particularly compact way the solutions for some families of completely integrable Hamiltonian systems. You can see my recent review paper on the subject (to appear in J. Geom. Phys.) for more details about this connection.

In the past I have also worked on various other topics, including: