Welcome to my personal webpage!

My name is Alberto Tacchella and I currently live in Italy, on the beautiful Ligurian riviera.

I am a researcher in mathematical physics. At the moment I am mostly working on a new approach to discover and solve a wide class of completely integrable dynamical systems using the tools provided by (what I like to call) associative geometry. This is a huge generalization of the usual ("commutative") notion of geometry which is particularly useful when you have to deal with dynamical systems whose motion is naturally encoded by the invariants of one or more matrices (as it happens, for example, in the Lax pair approach). For a more detailed introduction to this topic, you can try my recent review paper on the subject (comments are welcome!).

For more about my past and current research interests check out the research page.

By the way, I am currently looking for a research-related job (preferably in the EU area). If you happen to know about some open position for which I may be qualified (click (here for my CV and here for a list of my publications), please drop me a line and let me know about it.

When I'm not busy learning new stuff in mathematics or physics I enjoy programming (see the other stuff page), watching basketball games and randomly browsing the Internet (but who doesn't like that?).

Occasionally I even venture outdoors, in which case I particularly like to hike along the beautiful trails on the Italian Appennines. The picture above was taken by my friend Massimo during one of these trips.

I also have a proper blog, appropriately titled Untitled #1, which is however mostly written in Italian.